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Senior BI Analyst

We are looking for a Senior BI Analyst in a product IT company.


  • Establish standards for creating monitoring tools for the analytics team and train the team to adhere to these standards;
  • Provide monitoring tools for all company processes (dashboards, alerts, etc.);
  • Facilitate experimentation with tools for quick decision-making;
  • Develop a business growth model using data;
  • Establish a process for data availability across different processes.

Required experience:

  • Proficiency in SQL;
  • Proficiency in Python;
  • Proficiency in Tableau;
  • Experience with ETL processes for extracting data from various sources, transforming it into usable formats, and loading it into data warehouses or databases;
  • Understanding of data warehouse concepts and architecture;
  • Familiarity with data warehouse platforms such as PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, MongoDB;
  • Ability to use business intelligence tools to create interactive dashboards, reports, and data visualizations. This includes understanding how to connect to data sources, design data models, and perform analysis;
  • Understanding of statistical methods and techniques for data analysis, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and data modeling;
  • Knowledge of data governance principles, data quality management, and compliance requirements for data handling and reporting.

What we offer:

  • Product-oriented, friendly, modern team environment;
  • Actively growing and interesting projects;
  • Sponsored trainings, books, conferences, meetups, etc.;
  • New office in the city center;
  • Flexible schedule.

What we are about:

  • Challenging tasks;
  • New technologies;
  • Peer-to-peer team environment where any ideas go through analysis and could be tested and implemented;
  • Continuous self-development.
Full-time position available in either the Kyiv or Cherkasy office.


e-mail: [email protected]

Telegram: @Victoria_lalafo