A little piece of Azerbaijan in Yalla Classifieds Kiev office

Monday September 14th, 2015

It’s quite a challenge to photograph photographs, but we couldn’t but share wonderful pictures by Orkhan Aslanov from our office.

Yalla Classifieds operates in different parts of the world. Each of the countries where we operate is unique with its own character. Aiming to re-create a local culture in our central office, we’ve chosen what is worth a thousand words pictures by local photographers.

Orkhan Aslanov, as no one else, could capture the pearls of Azerbaijan in his pictures. We are happy that some of the works from the project My Azerbaijan are in our office.

“Project My Azerbaijan is a result of travels of friends-explorers, who have become an established team. Our aim is to show real Azerbaijan with its extremes: from beloved Caspian sea, wild mountains and night camping to historical and unforgettable places. Our routes are unique and our trips sometimes seem tough and overly extreme, but we are not wasting your time, every minute of the trip brings tons of intense emotions and experiences. My Azerbaijan team gives you an opportunity to see Azerbaijan in a different and unique light.”

We are grateful to Orkhan for sharing his work and helping our Kiev team, thousands kilometers away from Baku, feel local vibes when working on sovde.az – a buy and sell platform in Azerbaijan.






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