Why support service doesn’t respond in time?

Tuesday March 7th, 2017

How often have you had to contact the customer support and wait for a response for hours? How can you affect the speed and quality of answers? Finally, we’re ready to tell you how the Lalafo customer support service works at peak hours and share a couple of useful tips.

Every day, the Lalafo customer support service receives thousands of requests, wishes, and suggestions from our beloved users. For your convenience, we communicate with you through a number of channels:

  • Email
  • Social networks
  • Play Market

Interestingly, in spite of all the available channels, 67% of users prefer to communicate via email.

People most often ask us about:

  • Ads management (how to apply, remove, edit, disable, enable ads);
  • Paid services;
  • Features of personal dashboard;
  • Moderation;
  • Personal life (Yes, this happens as well. By the way, Aziza, we really hope that everything worked out for you).

We are especially grateful to our clients when they report problems and give us recommendations on how to improve the service.

In addition, we have created a knowledge base for you where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How to speed up a response time of the customer support service.

Let’s take a look at two examples.

User A writes:

 “AAAAAAAAAAAA! It doesn’t work.”

User B writes:

“Hello! I use an Android app.  I have checked the setup version, it’s #151. I get an error “The connection to the server is lost”. What should I do?”

Of course, we will help them both. But it could take a few hours or even days to resolve the request from User A. The issue of User B can be resolved in a few minutes.

You might feel that the operator asks irrelevant or silly questions, it is not so. The amount of information about the problem you give us is directly proportional to the speed of the solution we can provide. We just need to understand at what point something went wrong.

What should you tell us to speed up the solution?

  • What device do you use? Do you use the app for Android or iOS? Do you access the website using your computer or you use a mobile version of the site?
    • If you use the app, please, let us know its version, this information will make the operator happy beyond all possible expectations.
  • What problem have you encountered and what was your action at Lalafo when it happened?
  • If the system has given you an error, please, make sure to copy it or send a screenshot.

It’s very simple. A message about the problem in such form causes the operators to react like this:


What happens after you wrote us?

The Lalafo customer support service receives thousands of requests daily. Each case is handled individually by the operator. The operator is required to understand each issue and to help the user. If the operator is unable to help or the issue requires specific technical knowledge, the Test Team and developers are brought to the resolution process. We’ll have to tell you about these teams next time. They are very nice guys.

Normally, this is how the chart of requests by email to the customer support service looks like:

Here is the chart of requests in the days when something goes wrong:

This is what operators look like when the workload grows:

But, despite the increased workload, the operators still examine each request and create a case for each one that will be discussed, tested, corrected. Moreover, in the hours when the pressure on operators grows, the answer to your request may come even from the head of the department or the founders of Lalafo.


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